Martin, Roy

Martin, Roy
Senior Vice-President for Ad Valorem Tax
Texas A&M Class: 


Roy Martin grew up in Cotulla, Texas and graduated from high school in 1972. Roy’s father, Roy G. Martin ’40, attended Texas A&M University, so attendance for Roy was a logical choice. He arrived at A&M in the fall of 1974 and graduated with a B.S. in Agricultural Economics in 1977. Upon graduation, Roy had obtained his real estate license and planned on being a real estate broker. After talking to Dr. Schmedemann, however, he entered The Land Economics Real Estate Program (LERE) to pursue real estate appraisal work and graduated in December of 1978. During his time at A&M, Roy worked multiple jobs, both during the school year and over the summer to support himself. 

After graduating from the LERE program, Roy worked for JB Vine Jr. in San Antonio as a real estate appraiser from January of 1979 to May of 1980. Next, Roy went to work for Valero Energy Corporation where he has worked as Manager, Director, and Vice President of the Ad Valorem Tax Department, Finance and Treasury Division. Currently, Senior Vice-President for Ad Valorem Tax, Roy is responsible for managing the property tax liability associated with Valero’s Property, Plant, and Equipment Assets Division, both in the United States and abroad.  The cost basis of these assets, encompassing refineries, retail establishments, pipelines, offices, and other facilities, exceeds $30 billion.  Roy’s most rewarding time at Valero has been the opportunity to build a team of professionals, consisting of lawyers and appraisers, to help guide Valero through its administrative property tax functions across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. 

Since his graduation from A&M, Roy has been a stalwart supporter of both Texas A&M and the Real Estate Center. From his work with real estate through appraisal as it applies to the ad valorem taxation, Roy has been able to provide insight into career opportunities to students at Texas A&M while being a guest lecturer in undergraduate and graduate classes. 

Roy developed and coordinated the annual Legal Seminar on ad valorem taxation in conjunction with the A&M Real Estate Center in 1987. This annual seminar, which now draws 500 to 600 attendees each year, provides guidance on legal issues facing professionals in the ad valorem tax field in Texas. The uniqueness of the Legal Seminar is that its attendees gain insight to contemporary issues on a point/counterpoint basis. Both sides of issues are fleshed out to give the audience a 360-degree exposure to disputes, legislation, and judicial determinations in the field of Texas Ad Valorem Taxation. Speakers and attendees include Texas Legislators, Texas District Court Judges, Texas Court of Appeals Justices, Texas Supreme Court Justices, and property tax professionals who practice in Texas. 

Roy has also acted as a coordinator for the Real Estate Center on numerous ad valorem tax valuation seminars for energy-related assets in Texas over the years. In 2012, the Real Estate Center honored him with the Roy G. Martin Endowment Scholarship. In August of 2014, Roy was awarded the Wayne Peveto Award at the 28th Annual Seminar on Ad Valorem Taxation. This annual award is given to those who continually strive to enhance the Texas Property Tax profession. Roy is also a past Chancellor’s Century Councilor under Dr. Perry Adkisson and twice past President of the Society of Texas A&M Real Estate Professionals.

Roy and his wife, Besa (Elizabeth) ’84, have been married for the past 20 years and currently live outside of Boerne, Texas. Between both of them, they have five daughters: Zane, who lives in New York City with her husband Rick Jones and grandson Dawson, Whitney ’06 who lives in Austin, Texas, Danielle who lives in Denton, Texas, Madelin ’13 who lives in Washington D.C. and Delaney ’24.